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‘Dreams -The Paranormal, Sense of Reality, inner-intelligence and perhaps another dimension or a far-off Galaxy’

-Are we sometimes dreaming in another dimension or are they simply a trip into ones subconscious?

-When in the midst of a dream event one sees actual faces and sometimes even hears voices, rarely in the form of a conversation, the majority of the time often of people you have never met! And have no clue as to they are?

-Finding oneself with the ability to speak eloquently while dreaming, articulating words that are not in your everyday vocabulary.

-Too real: The ability to create the perfect letter Incredibly in detail, composed while asleep in a dream. One’s ability to speak and write eloquently while asleep. Grammar, content and layout, beyond the subject’s ability to create such a work, not to mention the subject matter and its content, which would appear to be likely written by a well-educated and knowledgeable scholar, of which the subject is not. Of course, usually you are not able to create this letter upon awakening

-Another case in point; are you really utilizing your full brain capacity? likely not. This would possibly account for the fact that some people have high IQ’s, perhaps they simply have the inner tools to achieve more brain capacity? likely most of us do not possess access to more brain capacity, this is certainly a ponder, oh well, lucky them, maybe?

-The awaiting extreme and beautiful warm inviting white light in death. Some do actually see the bright welcoming light, which apparently is that of a prelude to entry into Heaven. It could actually be that those who have temporality died and just prior to the gates, for whatever reason, where sent back to live another day, perhaps to contribute to mankind. Or perhaps it may be possible that these visitors have actually crossed over exceeding the speed of light and Heaven is actually in another dimension? Enough people have experienced this death event and came back to tell others about it.

-There are paranormal events that take place that certainly give one pause to think that they are certainly real, thus verifying these events. In one account, a family member of one who had ‘just’ passed away, found that that the loved one, prior to entering the gates of Heaven, took time to say goodbye for one last time, albeit, in action, not by word. This specific event came in the form that could not be explained, except that it did in-fact happen. A Mother had passed away, and at the precise moment she died at hospital fifty miles away, there was an electrical power failure in the family members’ homes.

– Then again, traveling the distance of 10,000 light years (1 light year is traveling at 186,000 miles per second for a year) is a walk-in-the-park, if you’re traveling at warp speed. Addressing this short cut through space, bending time or warping speed travel to a distant Galaxy. Consider that if your start at “A” and you want to end up at “Z” quicker, then imagine “B” and “Y” squeezed together ^. This would be bending/warping time, as now A & Z are much closer, another visual example being when anything that has mass sits on a piece of fabric, it causes a dimple or a bending of space-time.

-Spooky. Ever feel that you are being watched? Many people experience this phenomenon. More often than not, this is brought about by the loss of a loved one or friend. Simply said; You miss them, and you sometimes conjure up an appearance in your mind of that person. There is never an exchange of dialogue, except that of many a “Hello” on your part. For certain, you are not alone in this occasional event.


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An additional culprit that is warming the planet Earth.

Unfortunately, science is evenly split on the cause of global change, albeit, most likely there are numerous contributors, and of course, some man made. But this author is suggesting adding another suspect to the list of causes of global change; that of capturing solar energy by individuals and businesses on solar panels and especially that of vast Solar farms. This use of reflective power source from our Sun is similar to that of a magnifying glass, mankind directing a huge amount of captured solar energy to specific areas on the planet Earth, thus adding an additional warming element that certainly contributes to local changes in temperature and thus the weather, but most likely also affects other areas as the heat rises and moves to other areas via the elements, perhaps even the oceans? Not to mention the possible side effects of the escaping emissions from storage batteries.

Further, the Sun is now hotter than it was in the 1970’s, and mankind has absolutely no control over this and certainly does not contribute to its present warming trend of which is cyclecar (every eleven years or so). The Suns sunspot activity of emitting solar flares and hot gas ejections does affect the weather on our Planet, as the solar radiation we receive from the Sun strongly affects the weather we experience on Earth, this is known to affect the storms we encounter and of course the warming of our oceans. For example, the United States has experienced very little hurricane activity in the past nine years, but of late (In late 2007 the solar cycle plunged the deepest in nearly a century, the sun was extremely quiet with regard to solar emissions, now it certainly appears that we are about to experience some horrendous weather changes, the likes of which we have not experienced for decades.

Obviously, the citizenry of Earth cannot and do not have the power to turn on and off these dramatic weather changes brought about by the Sun.

Suffice it to say; We are always at the mercy of something.

By: Gary T. Petler


Are you prepared for the next disaster?

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Are you prepared for the next disaster?

Your Family’s Disaster Preparedness Supply Kit

Are you prepared for the next disaster?


Your family may not be together when a disaster strikes, plan how you will contact one another.

-Who to call

-Where to meet

-What to pack

Keep in mind your family’s health and safety needs.

A disaster supply kit can help you and your family stay safe and comfortable during and after a disaster.

-Do not call 911 unless totally necessary, as they are swamped during an emergency event, many being life threatening, of course, if yours is, of course call 911.


Always check on neighbors before, during and after emergencies!

Updated medical first aid kit

Energy bars, a minimum of 3 per family member, for at least 3 or more days.

Snacks, such as crackers and cheese, etc.

supplies for your pet

TP, sanitizers, soap

min 3 days of bottled water for each family member

canned meats and vegetables

Buy LED headlamps one for each person in the family, batteries are long lasting and you have hands free light where ever you need it without the danger of accidental fires.

Avoid utilizing candles!

Can opener

extra batteries

flashlights (s)

paper towels

When you power is out, charge your cell phone utilizing your car charger.

Often times during a power outage, cell phones will not work, BUT, texting usually does.

a whistle, yup! a whistle-it really can save lives.

extra clothing and blankets and towels

matches in a waterproof container

cash, photo copies of your identification and credit cards.

Portable battery-operated radio

prescriptions and medications

knowledge of your local area

Charged devices in case the power goes out

plastic bags with sealer

trash bags

paper plates and plastic silverware

Are the batteries in your home smoke alarms fresh?

Don’t overload extension cords and NEVER plug any heating devices into extension cords!

Stay out of flood waters! According to U.S. National Weather Service (NWS): 50% of flood fatalities are vehicle-related. Turn Around avoid drowning.

Full tank of gas in car.

Keep anything that can burn at least three (3) feet from your fireplace, wood stove or space heater.

Never! Use a propane type heater or cooking device inside your home-NEVER!

Only use generator outside in open areas away from windows and home to prevent carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning.

During extreme flooding seek refuge in your attic, but only if you have a tool (axe, etc.) that will provide you access to your roof top due to extreme high waters. Many have drowned as they could not get to their roof top from their attic space.

 If you are cold, your pets are cold, too!

Though a disaster may never directly affect you, preparedness is “Peace of Mind” just in case.

Don’t leave home without it! Its template within, contains all of your medical emergency information.


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South East Asian entry

These immigrants from Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, and neighboring countries were offered safe harbor in America in the late nineteen sixties and early seventies. They made every effort to assimilate; they succeeded and continue to do so. There is little evidence anywhere in the United States that has shown them to be anything but hard working productive citizens. These people came from war-ravaged countries.  In spite of language barriers, customs and lifestyles they incurred in America, they have been successful in all walks of lifestyle, because they assimilated-They made the effort and it has paid off handsomely for most! Having said this about the above citizens of the U.S., one must always salute the Koreans. They too came from a war-torn Country in the early 1950’s. They legally came to America and have become a shiny star in assimilating. They are extremely hard working and savvy business people. Their presence in the U.S. is nothing short of an extreme contribution.

Mexico and Latin America

Legal entry;


Those who wanted to immigrate to the U.S. not only have learned to speak English but have been successful in assimilating and grown to be great entrepreneurs and proud Americans, while at the same time maintaining their proud birth cultures. why? because they assimilated!  What an insult the illegals are to those who in the past took the time and effort to legally enter the U.S. and become legal citizens, going through the necessary steps for citizenship verses those illegals today, who sneak into the country, expecting/demanding all of the benefits of citizenship and all the perks; of course, in their case, most often they manage to be placed on the welfare rolls and enjoy the perks of citizenship, education, money, medical and housing with barely any effort to assimilate and virtually no contribution to society.

The war torn Middle East

Then there is the majority of middle east entry participants in the past eight years who have made little to no effort in an attempt to assimilate. If anything, they have made once great and proud American cities and towns to now resembling the villages they came from, continuing to live a 12-century customs and mind-set life style, making little or no effort to learn English and live the American way or even participate in employment. But are willing to be supported by welfare and they continue to live by the laws of the land they came from, which is contrary to the U.S. Constitution and totally unacceptable to their law bidding host country.

Yet, one only has to look at the entry of those from the same middle east, especially that of Iranian refugees in the late nineteen seventies. They joined American society, and have been extremely successful and their contributions still abound, generation after generation., why? because they assimilated and can speak English!

Wanting something for nothing and no contribution to society is detrimental in many ways. In all fairness, many are from war torn countries, but instead of gratitude to the generosity of America, as well as other host countries, they stay in their neighborhoods, still practicing the old way traditional territorial tribal existence, while living in the midst of a modern open free society.

The host countries, American included, certainly have not done these war weary people any favor by bringing them to American soil or other, when what they really needed was a country of their own in the Middle East similar to that which they come from, but void of tribal mentality, corruption, murderous leadership and treatment of women as property. Nope, our politicians see them as votes, and likely encourage their existence in a tribal atmosphere, as all they (politicians) really want is to garner votes from them, both parties accountable.


By: Gary T. Petler




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